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Who we are

Founded in 2021, Fiberpunk aims to make 3D Printing Smarter. Node and Sentry are committed to integrating AIOT technology into every printer, making 3D printers more convenient and smart.

Noah Chen

Noah has 8 years of experience in developing 3D Printing, robotic(UBT) and education products. He was the lead developer for Makeblock Laserbox laser cutter’s software and laser calibration algorithm. He also developed a DLP resin 3D printing for dental application and FDM slicer application.

WeiTing Lan

Wei started his career as an embedded engineer for Makeblock and enjoys building robots in his spare time. He has 5 years of experience developing robotics and education products.At the same time, he is very good at firmware, electronic and structural design, and his comprehensive engineering strength is very strong.


We started development for Node in late 2020 as a passion project, thinking how hard it could be just to add WiFi to Marlin-based 3D printers. With many printer hardware and firmware variations, it turns out to be a tougher challenge than we thought it would initially. With helps from the community, Node is ready after more than eights revisions.

Our products