What is Node?

Node is an affordable($29.9) and robust way to add WiFi and accessories to Creality Ender 3 printers (V1, V2). It consists of an ESP-32 based board with open-source firmware, an OLED display, and a unique SD bridge that makes print faster and more reliable.

What is Sentry?

Introducing Sentry, the Camera that can help you avoid print failures and fire hazards. Thanks to its built-in AI, Sentry can detect abnormalitie and alert users via email. It also have additional UART/I2C ports for add-ons

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  • Easy to install and configure

    Simply connect Node to Ender 3's USB port and SD card, set up the WiFi, and it is ready to go. No need to open your printer.

    *Prusa MK3S support is coming

  • Support a variety of slicing software

    Unlike Creality Cloud Box, Node sends G-Code directly from your computer to Ender 3. You can slice and print exactly the way you want without relying on some cloud-based slicer.

  • Faster Printing

    Unlike Cloud Box and Octoprint, Node sends print file G-Code via SD card instead of serial connection. You can print faster and more reliable, especially on complex models with many short movements.

  • Add Ports for Expansion

    Node comes with 3 I/O ports for adding functions to 3D printers. The user could connect sensors, cameras, and other accessories

  • Filament Sensor Add-On

    Node launches an optional filament sensor add-on that detects filament run out. It is easy to install and a must-have for professional users.

  • Notification

    Node can notify the user via Nexus software for events pre-set by the user. For example, Node can email the user when the filament sensor detects runout.

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Fleet Management

We designed Node for mass deployment and user can multiple Nodes with Nexus software with ease

Open Source Firmware

Node firmware is open source and we plan to include support for more printers and other equipment that relies on G-Code.


Demo Video for Node