Thank you very much for choosing our product. Here are resources for Node Pro, Sentry Pro and Holo.

For new users, please begin with Start Up Guide.

If you encounter any problems, please mailto or visit Fiberpunk Official Wiki.

    User guides:

    Ender3 (v1 v2), Neptune 2, Kobra

    Prusa MK3S

    Neptune 2

    Sentry for FDM

    Node Max For FDM(beta):

    Holo STL Preview:

    Holo Clock:



    Troblueshooting doc: Node Pro Troubleshooting

    Here are the guides that you may need in addition to Startup guides

    Update Node to latest firmware

    Update Guide for Ender3 (V1/V2) and Neptune 2 users latest firmware version 2022-02-02-2009

    Update Guide for Prusa MK3 latest firmware version 2023-02-02-2009-PRUSA-MK3S

    How to change Node to different a different brand

    Switch the communication protocol of the SD card 


    Nexus Software Guide - A tool for managing multiple Nodes

    Node webpage tutorial - Detailed description of Node's web page operation page

    - Cura setting for send gcode file to Node direct.

    - PrusaSlicer setting for send gcode file to Node direct.


    Printable Components

    Please refer to this document to select the components you need to print,They contain(.stl adn .step file):

    • Node Pro Holder
    • Node Max Holder
    • Sentry Pro Arm Holder
    • A printable shell for Node


    Special Guide for Neptune 2 users

    Neptune 2 printers with official firmware can print fine with Node but has issues with cancelling prints. This issue affects both Node and Octoprint. To fully fix this issue, Neptune 2 would require a 3rd party firmware based on Marlin 2.x from developer just_trey.  This is the guide to get the firmware upgrade for Neptune 2. 


    User Community

    You can also join the user community through the following links, where to get more help: