Thank you very much for choosing Node. Here are resources for Node.

For new users, please begin with Node Start Up Guide

    User guides:

    Ender3 (v1 v2), Neptune 2: Node Ender3 Startup Guide

    Prusa MK3S: Node Prusa MK3S Startup Guide

    Neptune 2: Node Neptune 2 Startup Guide

    Sentry for FDM: Sentry FDM Startup Guide


    Here are the guides that you may need in addition to Startup guides

    Update Node to latest firmware

    Update Guide for Ender3 (V1/V2) and Neptune 2 users latest firmware version 2022-4-1-2003

    Update Guide for Prusa MK3 latest firmware version 2022-4-1-2003-PRUSA-MK3S

    How to change Node to different a different brand

    Switch the communication protocol of the SD card 


    Nexus Software Guide - A tool for managing multiple Nodes


    Special Guide for Neptune 2 users

    Neptune 2 printers with official firmware can print fine with Node but has issues with cancelling prints. This issue affects both Node and Octoprint. To fully fix this issue, Neptune 2 would require a 3rd party firmware based on Marlin 2.x from developer just_trey.  This is the guide to get the firmware upgrade for Neptune 2. 

    User Community

    You can also join the user community through the following links, where to get more help: