What is Nexus AI

Nexus AI was oriniall developed for Sentry Pro to detect print failure. Fiberpunk decided to make it free and accessible to as many 3D printer users as possible. It is built to be a reliable, secure and free way to detect potential printing issues on FDM 3D printer.

Nexus AI parts

Nexus AI comes in two parts: The Octoprint plugin and the local server. The plugin captures images from Octoprint compatible cameras while the server handles check photos with machine-learning algorithms to detect potential print issues.

Nexus AI Github

Why use Nexus AI

Find out print failures early and stop waste 

Free, no subscription

More secure as images server is local, and faster response time as server is local

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Get notified and take action

When Nexus AI detects an abnormality in printing, it will take a photo and send an email to remind the user. We will be expanding Nexus AI to work with other plugins so users can be notified via App or take actions.

Get Nexus AI

Open to connect

The goal of Nexus AI is to bring print failure detection to as many users as possible for free. We are happy to work with other plugins and app developers. Visit our GitHub repository below to learn how to utilize Nexus AI API

Nexus AI GitHub