Fiberpunk Holo Max HDMI Transparent Glass Prism Screen(70x70x70mm)

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What is Holo Max Screen?

Holo Max Screen is a transparent glass screen that supports HDMI signal input. You can connect it to any video source, such as your laptop, smartphone, raspberry pi or orange pi, and watch your favorite videos/picture on a transparent screen that lets you see the background behind it. This creates a realistic 3D effect that makes you feel like you are immersed in the scene.

What are the benefits of Holo Max Screen?

Holo Max Screen has many benefits that make it an innovative and attractive product for video enthusiasts. Here are some of them:

  • It is compact and portable. The glass screen measures 70x70x70mm and can be easily placed on your desktop. You can take it with you anywhere and enjoy watching videos on a transparent screen wherever you go.
  • It is versatile and compatible. You can use it with any video source that has an HDMI output. You can watch movies, YouTube videos, video games, display your 3D model, or even your own videos on Holo Max Screen. 
  • It is immersive and realistic. You can see the background behind the glass screen while watching videos, which creates a 3D effect that enhances your viewing experience. You can also choose different backgrounds to match the theme of your videos, such as nature, cityscape, or space. You can even use Holo Max Screen as a digital photo frame and display your favorite photos on a transparent screen.

How to use Holo Max Screen?

Using Holo Max Screen is very easy and simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Connect Holo Max to a power source using the included USB cable.
  • Connect Holo Max to your video source using the included HDMI cable.
  • Turn on Holo Max and your video source.
  • Enjoy watching videos on a transparent screen with 3D effect.


  • Screen size: 70x70x70mm
  • Resolution: 480x480
  • Power: 5V Type C
  • Data: HDMI

What's in the box?

  • A Type C data cable
  • A HDMI data cable
  • Square 70x70mm screen and driver
  • 70x70x70mm Cube Dichroic Beam Splitter Prism Ratio 50:50

PS:The dichroic prism used by Holo Max needs to be customized. After you place the order, it will be shipped within 15 days.


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