Fiberpunk Hologram Wifi Clock Desksetup Kit

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This kit can be used as your desktop decoration, after power on, there will be three random different beautiful hologram clock theme inside. 

9 different holographic clock themes :

Include spaceman art, butterfly, jellyfish, DNA four style.

1. Innovative Design: This holographic virtual butterfly desktop ornament features a unique creative design that adds a touch of vitality to your desktop.
2. Holographic Technology: Using advanced holographic technology, it presents a realistic butterfly image that is lifelike.
3. Exquisite Craftsmanship: Carefully crafted with attention to every detail for exceptional quality.
4. Decorative Ornament: Not only a practical desktop decoration but also a work of art that adds an elegant touch to your home decor.
5. Suitable Occasions: Suitable for home, office, study and other places. It’s also a perfect gift for friends, colleagues and clients.

  • Powered by 5v typeC
  • OLED Resolution: 240x240
  • OLED Size: 25.4x25.4mm
  • Built-in butterfly: 3 

What's in the box?

  • A HoloCubic board
  • A Beam Splitter(1x1x1 inch)
  • A 1 inch LCD screen
  • A Type C data cable(90 Degree)
  • A 3D print case


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