Node Max by Fiberpunk - Support Ender/Kobra/Neptune Series 3D Printer

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Node is an affordable and robust way to add WiFi and accessories to many 3D printers. It consists of an ESP-32-based board with open-source firmware, an OLED display, and a unique SD bridge that makes print faster and more reliable.

Key Features

  • Very easy to install. Just plug into the USB
  • Very robust as it is an ESP32-based board that boots instantly and does not need to shutdown like Pi
  • Reliable and Fast print - Unique dual UART + SDIO connection to printer design allows faster and more reliable data transfer to a printer via SDIO. At the same time, control and info are still sent via UART.
  • Easy to transfer files, support Cura and PrusaSlicer send files to Node directly
  • Highly Expandable with a complete set of I/O ports. A filament sensor add-on will be released with Node. 
  • Has a fleet management software that can run locally without the need to log into a cloud server
  • Has an opensource firmware to customize for potentially other types of equipment like CNC machines.
  • Support AP mode, use mobile to configure wifi network


Compatible Printers:

  • This version does not support BTT skr mini series motherboards, please contact us in advance if you want to adapt this motherboard.
  • Creality  Ender3
  • Creality Ender3 Pro
  • Creality  Ender3 V2
  • Creality  Ender5/Ender7
  • Kobra/Kobra Go/Kobra Neo/Kobra Plus/Kobra Max
  • Elegoo Neptune 3 Pro


Router Support

  •  Node Pro cannot connect to Google wifi series and Eero series routers
  •  Node Pro only support 2.4G wifi

Software Support

Support mobile phones and PCs to directly access Node's web pages:


What is in the box?

  • A  Node Max module
  • A Type C data cable
  • A micro USB cable
  • A 5V charging adapter (please use this instead of your existing ones)

Click here for Node Max quick start guide.

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