Sentry Pro by Fiberpunk - FDM edition

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*This version of Sentry comes with a case. For Sentry without a pre-made case, please get Sentry for FDM Printer

Want to add AI features to your existing printer?

Introducing Sentry, the Camera that can help you avoid print failures and fire hazards. Thanks to its built-in AI, Sentry can detect extrusion abnormalities like spaghetti and stringing and alert you via email. It can also look for signs of fire and smoke from your printer and stop prints if abnormalities are detected. Don't let a faulty print damages your machine or risk a dangerous fire - get yourself a Sentry!


Key Features:

  • 120-degree viewing angle camera
  • Live video streaming print progress
  • Auto-detect potential print issues by spotting errant extrusions
  • Auto-detect signs of potential fire hazards by identifying possible fire and smoke
  • Email notification 
  • Pause and resume print via serial port (compatibility printers)
  • Work in conjunction with Node and Nexus to manage multiple printers
  • Support MJPEG streaming protocol
  • Expand functions with UART and I2C ports
  • Custom printable camera arm for Ender 3 and MK3S
  • Custom printable camera case with tripod mount

How does Sentry work?
Sentry works by sending pictures of your prints to a local computer, where a machine-learning algorithm is used to detect print issues and signs of potential fires. If Sentry identifies potential problems, it can notify users with images and warning messages. The detection can also improve over time as Sentry collects more data to enhance the computer vision model. By running locally, there is no subscription fee, and minimizes network load. Sentry is also more secured and robust as the images are not shared externally to 3rd party cloud platform.

Router Support

Sentry cannot connect to Google wifi series and Eero series routers, if you are a user of these two routers, please purchase carefully temporarily.

Software Installation

Printing failure detection requires Nexus to be installed. Nexus currently supports:

  • win10 64bit
  • MacOS 10.14+

What is in the box?

  • A Sentry Camera module for FDM
  • A 5V charging adapter US Plug (please use this instead of your existing ones)
  • A Type-C USB data cable

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