Hi Fiberpunk community!

We have been busy developing new features and fixing bugs. Lots feedback from our users and we added many new features.


1. Release log

Node firmware:
  • Support for Prusa Resuming the print after Power Panic function
  • (Node can now manually write the command in advance, and write the file information to the EEPROM through Gcode)
  • Added the function of serial port command to return IP address (&&IPADDRESS)
  • Added the function of cleaning EEPROM
  • Added support for user-defined commands


Node Web Server:
  • Redesigned and laid out the UI interface, updated visual style per user requests

  • Added user-defined buttons to quick custom operation

  • Added setting filter temperature information option to limit data in display log 
  • Fixed the bug that the temperature could not be set by clicking Enter
  • Display hint when mouse moves over

Please refer this guide to update your Node:

  • Added option to adjust picture resolution, set the default picture resolution to 800x600 
  • Added detection framerate adjustment option. Useful to adjust lower frame for high resolution picture.  
  • Fixed a bug that some email server do not support newline spaces
  • Hiding the function of time-lapse for now
  • Added the option to adjust the gamma value of the picture for better visuals

Download: Nexus-v1.0.6

Other updates

For the new webserver UI, we have create guide in case you are a UI designer and want to customize.  Visit Web UI guide

We also added an arm to hold the Sentry Pro on the Prusa MK3S with no screws required. Here is the STL file Check here for installation video.