What is Nexus AI

Nexus AI is Fiberpunk’s plan to make free and accessible to as many 3D printer users as possible.
It comes in two parts: The Octoprint plugin and the local server.


The plugin is the front end of the process. It runs on Octoprint and helps to send the camera images to the local Nexus AI server and take actions if the server determines there is a high probability of print failure.

The Nexus AI server is locally run program on common desktop PC to can analyze pictures using machine learning algorithm and respond to requests from the Nexus AI plugins. 

It utilizes the extra processing power of modern PC CPU and OpenVino machine learning code optimization (from Intel) and can easily handle multiple plugins all at once. The advantage of running a simple small server locally is:

  • No need to upload to the cloud, reduce bandwidth and increase speed
  • More secure since data does not need to transfer outside of the local network. 


To summarize, running Nexus AI has these advantages:

  • Find out print failures early and stop waste 
  • Free, no subscription
  • More secure as images server is local
  • Faster response time as server is local

System requirements:

  • Pi (or Octoprint compatible)  running Octoprint
  • Octoprint compatible FDM 3D printer
  • Octoprint 1.4.0+
  • Python >=3.6, <4.0

To set your Nexus AI, visit:


If you are a developer and want to know how to use Nexus AI api for your plugin or app, visit: