Updates: New Node firmware (2023-4-20-2010) - Add AP config wifi mode and support for Node Max and Node Pro

Hi Fiberpunk community!

We have been busy developing new features and fixing bugs with lots feedback from our users. 

For Node Pro and the new hardware Node Max, we have launched a new firmware version: 2023-04-20-2010, while fixing bugs, we have added support for AP distribution network, and added the browser title to display the device name function, and optimized NodeFlashTool to make firmware upgrade more convenient.

1. Release Log


  • fix the getRadioValue bug


  • Add webpage html fiel header title, for web browser display the Node device name
  • Add AP mode for the Node Max, you could config wifi through the AP mode, use the phone to config wifi
  • Fix fmd user command bug
  • Add port display on oled screen
  • Remvoe delete config.txt function


  • NexusBrowser 0.1 publish, control multiple Node's through the browser

 2.Main update function introduction


1. Html file header title,NexusBrowser auto find

We developed a Node-specific browser based on chrome to facilitate the management of multiple Nodes. Compared with Nexus, this browser is more lightweight.



2. Added AP distribution network mode



3. Optimized the process of updating firmware with NodeFlashTool

Integrate the webpage directory and Node firmware into one installation package to upgrade the firmware.



 3. Update Now!

Please follow  instruction here to update Node to latest 2023-04-20-2010 firmware:


Download latest NexusBrowser here: