Updates: New Node firmware (2022-9-29-2007) - Add support for Cura and Prusaslicer send gocde directly

Hi Fiberpunk community!

We have been busy developing new features and fixing bugs with lots feedback from our users. Our goal has always been making 3D printing easier and in Node 1.0.7 firmware update and Nexus Update, we got some major improvement on UI and usability.


1. Release Log

Here is the new feature list:

Node Firmware:2022-9-29-2007

  • Compatibility with Cura slicer and PrusaSlicer
  • Added file size information return to "listdir" web request
  • Added an 80 port service instance for receiving general requests on port 80

Nexus: 1.0.7

  • Interface optimization for multiple printer
  • Fixed the bug of failing to send email pictures regularly


 2.Main update function introduction

1.Compatibility with Cura and Prusaslicer.

This is the most frequently requested feature and we made it happened with suggestion from our user Volkmarnissen. We did by making Node (all versions) compatible with Octoprint network protocol and it will act as an Octoprint device when talking to Cura Slicer and Prusaslicer. This makes Node compatible with Octoprint network print function that is already available in Cura Octoprint plugin and Prusaslicer. This is a big thanks to both Volkmarnissen suggestion as well as Octoprint teams support. We are a proud sponsor of Octorpint project as well.

Here is how you use Cura’s Octoprint Plugin to upload gcode files to Node:

Or you could refer to this documentation:

Setting up Cura to work with Node

Here is how you use Prusaslicer to connect to Node


 Or you could refer to this documentation:

Setting up PrusaSlicer with Node

2. Modify the interface of Nexus, suitable for managing multiple printers

We have received many feedback on Nexus interface. Thank you all.

Here are the changes:

  • Switch between different printers via tabwidget

When you need to manage more than 3 printers, this way of working allows users to manage each printer more conveniently.

  • Add file size for the file list



 3. Update Now!

Please follow  instruction here to update Node to latest 2022-9-29-2007 firmware:

Update Guide for Ender3 

Update Guide for Prusa MK3

Download latest Nexus v1.0.7 here:

Nexus v1.0.7